Follow-up & monitoring

Even with the best fleet database of the Netherlands you can only perform optimally when there is a proper follow-up.

To perform optimally, you have to take it a step further, systematically measuring and reporting follow-up activities. You can do this yourself, or work with one of our trusted online tools.

Training & coaching

Follow-up actions can be taken by your own organization. But to secure the most effective customer contact, your team probably could use some training. helps your salespeople improve their sales skills.

Our specialists are experienced in practical telemarketing training and provide effective on the job coaching. Sharing professional tips & tricks in training sessions and working through a practice session together, we know how to increase your conversion rates significantly.

Market Potential Analysis Market Potential Analysis Discover the potential in your market?
Customer Potential Analysis Customer Potential Analysis Who are your most valuable customers?
Targeting Targeting Save money by optimal targeting
Data Enrichment & Data Cleaning Data Enrichment & Data Cleaning More efficient calls and selections in your own customer portfolio
Leadgeneration Leadgeneration Increase conversion rates with relevant leads
Follow-up & Monitoring Follow-up & Monitoring Maximize returns by efficient training & coaching