Data enrichment and data cleaning

Better selections and more targeted calls. With Fleetdatabase you can have it all. By enriching your customer portfolio with relevant company and marketing information, we unlock the most valuable information.

It’s a good thing to join forces. Linking your CRM system to our database instantly pays off. You gain much more detailed insight into the replacement potential of your customers, and with that you can send out pinpoint mailings to your relations.

It all comes down to focus. The better your scope, the more you’ll save on marketing costs!

Market Potential Analysis Market Potential Analysis Discover the potential in your market?
Customer Potential Analysis Customer Potential Analysis Who are your most valuable customers?
Targeting Targeting Save money by optimal targeting
Data Enrichment & Data Cleaning Data Enrichment & Data Cleaning More efficient calls and selections in your own customer portfolio
Leadgeneration Leadgeneration Increase conversion rates with relevant leads
Follow-up & Monitoring Follow-up & Monitoring Maximize returns by efficient training & coaching